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Weekday Lunch Specials

At Heno & Rey, every lunch is especial! But from Monday to Friday, it’s excepcional!!

With three exquisito lunch specials available every weekday for only $25, there’s never been a better reason to get your olé on. Choose from marinated chicken thighs, grilled seasonal vegetables, grilled barramundi or fried squid. Why wait for the weekend when the Heno & Rey lunch specials are available every weekday.

Current Lunch Specials:

Marinated Chicken thigh

Romesco sauce, patatas bravas and broccolini


Grilled Seasonal Vegetables

Salasa verde, patatas bravas and rocket salad


Grilled Barramundi

Patatas bravas and tomato salad


Flash Fried Squid 

Tomato bread, rocket, lemon and aioli

Full menu also avaliable


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