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Bienvenidos a Heno & Rey!

Think of it as a little love note from Spain, when you take the pleasure of dining at Heno & Rey. The clinking of sangria glasses and the warmth of laughter against the backdrop of Spanish music; the atmosphere is so vibrant and lively that the tapas themselves are almost dancing off the plates. The dishes are deliciously authentic, perfect to share with a few friends or with many. 
So, settle in and stay awhile.

Andrew McGie

With over 20 years in the hospitality industry, Andrew can’t imagine doing anything else. Inspired by his childhood where cooking and socialising went hand in hand, his passion lies in bringing people together to enjoy a delicious meal. His cooking style heroes the highest quality ingredients where they are treated with the utmost respect and of course, tradition. At Heno & Rey, you’ll get a sense of Andrew’s vast international influence and experience, having worked in the United Kingdom,
Abu Dhabi, Portugal and many more.

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