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Q&A with Nick Trezise

Chef de Cuisine, Nick Trezise shares some insights into his food passion. Having worked in institutions whose names demand great respect, in Australia and abroad, Nick has a strong appreciation for the cuisine favoured on his home turf, with a sprinkling of international spice to keep things interesting.

How many years have you worked in the hospitality industry?

I have been in the industry from the age of 14. I started as a kitchen hand during school holidays and then worked in a winery in my home town of Pemberton. Now, 31 and I have been a chef for 13 years. You have to love the industry and have passion for it, otherwise you won’t last or survive.

What inspired you to join the industry?

I think the region where I grew up inspired me the most. Growing up in such a rich farming area of the South West, I am very lucky to be around such great produce (i.e truffles, marron, avocados). I’ve always wanted to be able to cook one very good dish at any time, when entertaining family and friends.

How would you describe your food style?

My food style is modern Australian with classic French traits and modern techniques using local and seasonal food.

What is your favourite dish & why?

Hmm… my favourite food. I don't have one, I’m a chef who loves all different types of cuisine, but at the moment I'm smoking a lot of meat and barbequing, getting ready for summer.

What is your favourite drink & why?

My favourite drink is beer because there’s thousands of different types of beers in the world and it’s very social - who doesn't love a cold beer with friends in the summer?

What do you do for fun?

I run, kite surf and regularly go camping and four wheel driving, when I can.

Any other things happening in your life?

I have twins due in December 2017, two boys – I can’t wait for sleepless nights.

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